About Heavy Breeze Ensemble

Photo by Per-Erik Adamsson
Heavy Breeze Ensemble consists of musicians who all have a solid background in both western European art music and afro/American tradition.

The innovative kind of music that we perform is specially written and arranged solely for the ensemble, by primarily Arne Löthman. His composing has been inspired by the special musical talents and personalities of the ensembles members. Arne Löthman's music is truely innovative and has a unique original tembre.

Heavy Breeze Ensemble also plays music by other composers, especially music by Frank Zappa. We, as so many others, enjoy the harmony and the intricate rhythms of Zappas compositions. At the same time we strive to display the fantastic melodical qualities of his music with skillful arrangments in a unplugged-like style.

Heavy Breeze’s combination of exclusive and tailored compositions and arrangments, results in an exciting and fresh musical synthesis which introduces the listener to a totally new listening experience.